Welcome to Pehler Oil, LLC! We are a privately owned fuel supplier,

located in Independence, Wisconsin, offering premium refined fuels

and lubricants to farm, commercial and residential customers at

competitives prices. With over 21 years in the fuel business,

Pehler Oil is your best source for all your fuel needs!


  On/Off Road Diesel   Gasoline
  Premium Farm Diesel   Bio-Fuels
  Diesel Exhause Fluid   Racing Fuel
  Synthetic Greases/Lubricants   Bulk Lubricants
  Home Heating Fuels  


Pehler Oil offers prompt, personalized hands-on service to your

farm, business or home in Buffalo, Trempealeau, Jackson and

Eau Claire counties. Call us today at 715-985-2126 or toll-free

at 1-800-589-1285.