Pehler Oil offers prompt, personalized hands-on service for all your fuel needs with over 21 years experience in the fuel service industry. We serve Buffalo, Trempealeau, Jackson and Eau Claire counties. Pehler Oil also offers pre-buy contracts for better risk management for your personalized needs, creating custom options for your fuel buying solutions.


  • Commercial/Ag/Home Fuels
  • Bulk Lubricants
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluids
  • Prepay/Contracts
  • Delivery
  • Portable Refuelers
  • Tanks/Storage

Commercial/Ag/Home Fuels


Performance Gold Diesel more info On/Off Road Diesel Gasoline Bio-Diesel
#1 and #2 Home Heating Fuels Racing Gasoline Ethanol Blended Gasoline Diesel Exhaust Fluid
24 Hour Emergency Service Anti-Freeze    


Bulk Lubricants


Amstar products - More info


- Amstar Synthetic Blend Commercial H.D. 15W40 CJ4 Engine Oil Spec sheet


- Amstar All Season MX Hydraulic oil Spec sheet



Schaeffer’s greases/lubes/additives - More info


- Mobile

- Shell

- Food Grade Lubricants

- Bulk Oil Storage Tanks and Stands Available


Diesel Exhaust Fluids


Pehler Oil carries tarsus DEF

-330 gallon totes

-55 gallon drums

-25 gallon jugs

-Transport loads 5300 gallons

-Pumping equipment is also available

Fuel storage tanks are available in many different sizes. We can deliver them to your farm or business, set up and ready to go, or you can pick them up. We can help you decide what size best fits your application needs. Call us today.



Prepay fuel contracting is available for on/off road diesel. Typically these contracts run from April through November, but can be done throughout the year. Contact us today on current pricing.

Delivery Services Available


-Keep fill plan

-Call in

-Daily jobsite refueling

-Transport deliveries

-24 hour emergency service


Portable Refuelers


Make refueling heavy equipment more efficient when using a portable tank at your construction site. The tanks are equipped with 30 GPM pumps, and hold 550 or 1100 gallons.




Fuel Tanks for sale or monthly lease -- more info coming soon!